Accessibility Statement last updated: 01.01.22

At TESPIR, we believe that accessibility is a necessary condition for an equal, just and prosperous society. Therefore, we place great emphasis on providing equal service to all our users. To achieve this, we have invested many resources in improving the accessibility of our services, the facilities we operate, and our website.

Today, the internet is the most available and convenient source of information and services. Therefore, we have made great efforts to make our website accessible.


An accessible website is a site that allows a person with disabilities to browse with the same level of efficiency and enjoyment as other users, using the system capabilities on which it operates and with the assistance of accessibility technologies. The site was tested using NVDA screen reading software. Accessibility adjustments to our site have been made in accordance with Regulation 35 of the 2013 Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Regulations (Accessibility Adjustments for Services) and Israeli Standard T5568 at the AA level.

Accessibility Adjustments Made on the Site

  • A site accessibility toolbar has been installed on the site that allows you to change the appearance of the text (enlarge, reduce, change font type), change the contrast and colors of the page to shades of gray and other additional options, as well as highlight the links.
  • The website is responsive and can be navigated on different types of devices, such as computers, phones, and more.
  • The website code has been adapted to technologies such as screen reading software, appropriate labels for input fields in forms, and more.
  • The structure of the pages on the site is uniform, and each page has suitable headings.
  • There is a site map/search engine on the site, so you can easily find the information you need.
  • The text on the site is clear and readable, and can be enlarged as needed using keyboard shortcuts such as (+ctrl), and the links are clear.
  • You can change the color contrast on the site using the settings in the device’s operating system or browser settings.
  • You can navigate the site using the keyboard, and follow navigation using the built-in focus on the site.
  • Moving information can be stopped by clicking the stop button on the screen.

Important to note that despite our efforts to make all pages on the website accessible, it is possible that a number of pages containing external components that are not under our control may not be accessible, and additional pages may not be accessible as required due to a technical error. If you have encountered a problem, you can contact our accessibility coordinator and it will be taken care of.

Accessibility Coordinator Contact Information

If you wish to receive information or assistance regarding accessibility, you are invited to contact the company’s Accessibility Coordinator, Oleg Bruk, by email at [email protected].